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Launched in 1987, it is the first and true classic car magazine in Italy.

It combines history, curious news, road performance of classic cars from around the globe, covering production models, as well as the rarest and highly precious models and one-offs.

It provides classic market information, surveys and propositions aimed at fostering and growing the phenomenon of classic car collection.

It opens the door to facts, tales and life episodes of the automobile and sports world players, through exclusive interviews and high quality images.

It brings together the foremost automotive journalists and players of the classic and vintage car collection world.

It covers great events and the classic car market with full quotations, auction prices, classified ads. It sets the benchmark in classic car trade and restoration.

It appeals to audiences in search for quality, authenticity, care to detail, refined materials, time and manpower values, in all kinds of consumer products.

 Ruoteclassiche represents the benchmark for classic car collectors and enthusiasts, and is ideal for all market professionals and individual owners in search for a highly authoritative title. It is also a privileged communication tool for lifestyle brands in pursuit for distinction and excellence, in order to address affluent audiences with a considerable cultural and social standing.

Monthly frequency

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FREQUENCY: monthly*

*Publisher’s statement

Publisher Giovanna Mazzocchi Bordone

Editor-in-chief David Giudici

Editorial and Advertising Department Editoriale Domus S.p.A., 20089 Rozzano (Milano), Via Gianni Mazzocchi, 1/3

tel +39.02.82472.253/502 fax +39.02.82472.385

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Affluent audiences with a considerable cultural and social standing, consistent with the title values associated with the consumption of refined and luxury products. Source: reader survey

male 98%
female 2%
14/24   15%
25/34   31%
35/44   28%
45/54   14%
55/64   7%
over 65   4%
upper and middle upper
middle upper 52%
middle lower 17%
owns vintage cars 27%
uses classic cars 35%
performs interventions on vintage cars 38%


month issue ad booking 
mechanical delivery newsstand launch 
January 373
20-nov 05-dec 29-31 dec
February 374
13-dec 10-gen 30-31 gen
March 375
22-gen 06-feb 28-1 mar
April 376
19-feb 06-mar 29-30 mar
May 377
19-mar 06-apr 30-02 may
June 378
20-apr 07-may 30-31 may
July 379
21-may 05-jun 29-01 jul
August 380
18-jun 07-jul 30-31 jul
September 381
09-jul 17-jul 30 -31 aug
October 382
24-aug 04-sep 28-30 sept
November 383
21-sep 05-oct 30-31 oct
December 384
19-oct 06-nov 29-30 nov

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