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XOffRoad stands for authoritativeness and excellence in the segment of Cross, Enduro and Motard motorcycling.

The title originates from an authentic love for adventure and offroad biking, and brings together style, strong character and passion.

The magazine is made with passion for readers in search for amazement: exclusive stories, interviews to the world’s players, detailed tests and comparisons, intriguing stories from riders and technicians, a new and second- hand market section.

The most important seasonal events are covered, from Cross to Enduro and Motard, with information on ranking, circuits and the competition world.

Readers also become engaged through spectacular images, a captivating graphic design and a large review format.

Thanks to its authoritativeness and a fresh, engaging tone of voice, it offers readers one of the best all terrain motorcycle titles on the market.

Frequency: ten issues yearly

Copy price: €3.90


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Editore Giovanna Mazzocchi Bordone

Direttore responsabile Cristian Lancellotti

Redazione e Direzione pubblicità
Editoriale Domus S.p.A., 20089 Rozzano (Milano), Via Gianni Mazzocchi, 1/3

tel +39.02.82472.253/502 fax +39.02.82472.385

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febbraio 108 18-dic 03-gen 20-gen
marzo 109 22-gen 06-feb 21-feb
aprile 110 16-feb 06-mar 21-mar
maggio 111 19-mar 04-apr 20-apr
giugno 112 20-apr 04-mag 20-mag
luglio-agosto 113 21-mag 06-lug 20-giu
settembre 114 09-lug 24-lug 12-ago
ottobre 115 24-ago 04-set 20-set
novembre 116 21-set 03-ott 20-ott
dicembre-Gennaio 117 19-ott 06-nov 22-nov

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