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Available by subscription, bi-monthly Autopro is a reference and service tool for car dealers, garages, repair shops, spare parts shops, salespeople and service stations. Autopro is a high-level professional magazine, rich in car reviews with a sharp focus on mechanical/electronical and repair aspects. It offers straightforward texts, quality images and useful information for the most efficient business management. It combines surveys, interviews to the players of the automotive sector, case histories and delivers valuable service to car professionals who pride in their work and are passionate about it.

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Editore Giovanna Mazzocchi Bordone

Direttore responsabile Gian Luca Pellegrini

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Editoriale Domus S.p.A., 20089 Rozzano (Milano), Via Gianni Mazzocchi, 1/3

tel +39.02.82472.253/502 fax +39.02.82472.385

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